PHOTOS: How Obama has aged between his first and last State of the Union addresses

Two photos side-by-side — one from President Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address in 2009 and another from his last on Tuesday — show how much the president has aged over the course of his two-term presidency.

Obama looks relatively young in the first photo, while the second shows graying hair and wrinkles.

The president himself has acknowledged his ageing, saying last year: “When I came into office, I had no grey hair, and now I have a lot. I don’t dye my hair, and a lot of my fellow leaders do. I won’t say who, but their barbers know.”

Time magazine posted the two images after Obama’s speech on Tuesday, and the images have been circulating on social media since:

The stresses of office certainly seem to have affected Obama, but his ageing still isn’t quite as drastic as Bloomberg Businessweek predicted it would be:

Many presidents before Obama have seen similar effects of office.

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