Cisco Published A Massive Report Predicting The State Of Mobile In 2017

Cisco Mobile Market Report

Photo: Cisco

Cisco predicts that, by 2017, smartphones and tablets will consume three times more data on service providers networks than the entire, desktop Internet.What are the ramifications for this massive adoption?

Cisco answers those questions and more in its annual report on the growth of the mobile Internet.

Mobile data traffic will increase 13-fold over the next five years

Growth will come from all the Internet connected devices people will buy

The Asia Pacific region (APAC) has big potential for growth as people get their first devices

People are using their devices for more video, more apps

Today, U.S. users consume way more data per capita than users in other countries.

By 2017, users in Asia will, collectively, consume more data

Notice how many more users will have mobile devices in Asia than the other regions

Worldwide, people are buying mobile devices faster than babies are being born

By 2017, the number of mobile devices in use will exceed the number of people on Earth

Mobile networks will have to get faster to serve all the new devices

More devices + faster networks = a lot more mobile data consumed

Smartphones use is growing, but most users worldwide will not have one, even by 2017

Smartphones, not tablets, will use the most data on mobile networks

As more people buy smartphones, the impact on mobile carriers is exponential

Tablets users with 3G/4G plans will also be gobbling up apps and videos

People will need bigger and bigger data plans from their service providers

U.S. users on average consume more data each time they turn their phone on, than others

Machine-to-machine (M2M) Internet devices include things like a car GPS, medical devices

3G/4G laptops are the biggest data hogs today, but smartphones, tablets will soon equal that

Android's popularity means that Android beats iPhone/iPad for mobile data consumption

As of this year, video will be what eats up most people's data plans

Mobile and cloud go together because the cloud stores the photos, documents, apps

Video chatting (Skype, Facetime) accounts for a huge chunk of the data people use

iPhone 5 users tend to use Wi-Fi for Facetime than 4G

Tablets will become the fastest device on the mobile Internet

Here's another look at how much faster tablets will download data

2016 will be the year that 3G becomes the most popular connection. 4G has room to grow

As carriers build 4G, 4G traffic will grow 40-fold by 2017. But 3G will still carry most of the load

4G phones consume massive amounts of data compared to non-smartphones

4G phones and tablets mean that many more users will need bigger data plans

Unlimited data plans definitely lead to bandwidth hogs (people who consume lots of data)

Carriers really need to get tablet users onto Wi-Fi, since tablets consume so much data

In three years, Wi-Fi will handle more data than the regular, wired Internet!

Despite how much data tablets use, more users will slowly opt for 3G/4G tablets

With Wi-Fi being asked to handle more mobile data, Wi-Fi traffic is going to grow, big time

In the U.S. there will soon be more than two mobile devices per human being

In every way measurable, the mobile Internet is growing

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