This absurd reaction to a VC's rejection proves some startups have completely lost their minds

It’s probably easier now than ever to raise money for your startup. One Silicon Valley investor even said he hears startups complaining when they can “only raise $US1 million seed rounds.”

But it looks like some founders have straight up lost their minds when it comes to their entitlement to raise money.

On Thursday morning, First Round Capital partner Josh Kopelman tweeted out a picture of a letter he received. 

The letter, which appears to have been postmarked in eastern Maine, reads: 

“Dear Josh, We’ll see, I think you’ve already f—ed yourself over by getting left out of this deal.”

It appears to have been written by a jilted CEO or founder whose round of funding First Round declined to participate in, and it looks like something from HBO’s “Silicon Valley.”


Of course, there are two sides to every story. But it’s hard to imagine what that other side is when you’re looking at this letter.

We can’t imagine Kopelman is feeling much guilt for passing on this particular round of funding.

We’ve reached out to Kopelman for comment and for context, and we’ll update this post if and when we hear back. 

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