This Entrepreneur Wants You To Decide His Future: Startups Or Harvard?

harvard vote

If you are accepted into Harvard Business School, attending is a no-brainer.

Unless you’re an entrepreneur with two successful companies. Then maybe you shouldn’t go.

Mike Moradian is facing that dilemma. He was accepted into Harvard Business School last December, but he is also the founder of CampusBuddy and CollegeBudget.

Campus Buddy is a social platform for accessing grade records and professor reviews; it has more than 1.5 million users and its revenue has grown four-fold since last year.  CollegeBudget is a daily deals and group buying site for students that launched last week.

Moradian is having trouble deciding between his startups and Harvard. He asked CollegeBudget users to vote on his future. So far, 20,000+ people have given their input, and Harvard is winning at 53%.

The decision, to us, is an easy one to make. Moradian should defer for one year and work on his companies.  Then he’ll be able to tell if his startups have legs.

Moradian must realise this but, by asking users to help him decide, he’s creating hype for his startups. After all, here we are writing about them.

If you have an opinion on what Moradian should do, cast your vote here.