10 More Creative Startup Promotions At SXSW

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Earlier we published 10 cool things startups were doing to promote themselves at SXSW.

As the week progressed, we found more examples of creativity.

From 25-foot gorillas to live games of Foursquare, here are 10 ways startups stood out at SXSW.

Turntable purchased a 25-foot blow up gorilla to promote its party.

Warby Parker had girls with glasses biking around. They were promoting a pop up store.

People could enter to win Warby Parker branded bikes too.

Foursquare had a party at Cedar Street Courtyard

It also had happy hour set up on the Foursquare Lot during the day.

People played in a live Foursquare game. If they made it to the fourth square they were entered to win a free trip.

Path had a bash with coffee flavored tequila and an ice luge.

Survey Monkey rented out a bar and lured people with this sign.

Hype Machine, a music blog, had live music and free tacos.

Scene Tap tells you the girl to guy ratio in local bars. We're not sure why these guys were dressed in yellow spandex.

There was also a Scene Tap blimp floating around.

Hoot Suite had a big owl bus that drove around Austin. Its owl mascot danced on top of the bus while people could party at the disco inside it.

Sound Cloud rented a bar and showcased different technology that uses its product.

Here were some of the displays set up at SoundCloud.

Makerbot was on display in GE's tented area. 3D images like cars and hands were printed in real time.

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