Startups 101: Make Sure Your Pitch Doesn't Suck

Michael Galpert, COO of online design tool company aviary, went to last night’s NY Tech Meetup and left fuming. Too many lousy presentations, he told us afterwards. Not companies, mind you, but presentations.

Today he offers some simple and smart advice on his blog to would-be presenters at next month’s meetup (or anywhere else): Get your act together.

If you think a simple walk-through of your site will get everyone in the room to understand what you are selling, you are kidding yourself. Odds are it will take longer than 5 minutes to navigate your site alone.

Demos should be completely prepared in advance… Just going through mock run-throughs by yourself is not enough. As we saw tonight, something will go wrong. There is nothing worse than dead silence in a room of 400 people watching you fumble with your own product. You only have minutes to wow people. Don’t waste it on technical difficulties.

To which we’d add our own two cents, for anyone who’s pitching one on one, whether its to VCs or lowly writers:  Take Michael’s advice and put it in reverse. Not that you should show up unprepared, but don’t marry yourself to your powerpoint, your demo or any other scripted presentation. Just tell us what you’re up to, and then let’s have a conversation. We won’t bite. Usually.

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