A digital nomad and a former firefighter are trying to map all the startups in the world

StartupBlink founders Roderick Warren and Eli David

StartupBlink is a global map of the world’s startup ecosystem and while it’s still a massive work in progress, it has already mapped tens of thousands of startups around the world.

Based out of Switzerland, the interactive platform also includes co-working spaces, accelerators, influencers, and freelancers. It enables startups to broadcast their news to others using the system.

The Australian part of the map isn’t very up to date, but co-founder Eli David, a tech guy hailing from Israel who has changed countries every two months over the past four years, said the platform relies on users to insert and update details.

“The challenge with building a global map is updating and getting the information from so many locations around the world,” David told Business Insider. “We are working on various tools such as internal communication systems, and customised maps that will increase the frequency in which users enter the site.”

He explained Sydney is on his and co-founder Roderick Warren’s radar. Warren is a dual national American-Swiss who previously worked as a firefighter on assignments in Iraq and Kosovo. David hopes if more startups get on board it will become a valuable global resource, providing useful data which they can learn from.

“Unlike other services which focus on monetising the data and keeping it hidden, we plan to share as much as possible with the startup ecosystem to allow everyone to connect with relevant parties,” he said.

“The general assumption of StartupBlink is that a startup’s biggest risk is not potential competition, but actually working isolated and building something nobody really needs. Our data will be there to help each startup founder to make the right decisions based on their industry, location and business stage.”

The most engaged and up-to-date region on the map is Europe but David said he has been surprised by the level of engagement coming from both Turkey and Armenia.

“We love it since we have built the site on an equal ground of giving everyone the same placing and attention on the platform, no matter where they are from,” he said.

David explained establishing StartupBlink was a feat many warned him not to do because monetising a startup service isn’t an easy thing to do. He was also concerned investors wouldn’t understand the opportunity but he went ahead and did it anyway.

“Talented people from around the world are helping us out with advice, and actively becoming ambassadors,” he said.

“We never thought successful and busy entrepreneurs will contact us and offer help while taking active role in the creation of such a community. That in itself means that this project is special, and gives us a lot of motivation to keep working on it,” he said.

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