Announcing The Startup 2011 Finalists!

Pipeline Startup2011

We’re pleased to announce the finalists in our 2011 startup competition.

The 8 companies below beat more than 100 entries, withstood screenings by our VC panel, and are ready to pitch you and the judges on stage at Startup 2011

The winner of this bake-off will pocket $100,000: a $25,000 investment from founding sponsor General Catalyst Partners and $75,000 in goods and services.

Thanks to everyone who applied this year. And congratulations to our Startup 2011 finalists.  Here they are:

  1. AfterSteps:  Online end-of-life planning platform for users to create their plan, store it, and transfer it to their beneficiaries.
  2. Grovo Learning Rosetta Stone for the Internet.
  3. Honestly Now: Q&A platform helping people make better personal decisions by asking friends and pros for honest feedback.
  4. LetsGift.It  Fun, social way for friends, family, and co-workers to make contributions for group gift-buying.
  5. Quartzy: Market-place for life-science supplies and services, a $7B market in the US.
  6. Scayl: Email platform enables easy unlimited attachment size sharing on a lower operating cost, direct, fast and secure social email communications network.
  7. ShinyAds Self-serve advertising platform provides online publishers with a simple solution to maximise revenue from small, local advertisers.
  8. UberTags HTML tag management system that a solves web site pain point by speeding page loads and enabling instant launches.

Want to see it all go down in person?  Buy your tickets now.