Startup Weekend NYC: Half An App, Lots Of Fun


Photo: Andrew Hyde The 80-plus people who showed up the last few days for Startup Weekend in Brooklyn didn’t achieve their main goal — launching a startup in less than three days — but it appears they at least had a good time. Startup Weekend, as we wrote last week, is an attempt to create a company from scratch in one weekend. The product: Favoreats, a Facebook app/Web site where people can share local food recommendations with friends.

The team, working under “CEO” Andrew Hyde, didn’t finish by late Sunday night, but will continue the app as a “nights and weekends” project. The event’s official blog promises a launch “perhaps later this week.” Missed out? Play-by-play and videos on the official blog, more live blogging, a wrapup video on Web2NewYork, and some thoughts and photos on Hyde’s personal site.