Cornhole, Beer Pong And CEO Chugging Contests: The Shenanigans Of Thrillist's Summer Picnic

Thrillist employees

Photo: Ben Mueller

Thrillist, a cool city guide and media company for men, held a summer picnic for its 215 employees last Friday.It wasn’t your average picnic. There was cornhole, survivor flip cup, a cinnamon eating contest, and beer chugging races against CEO Ben Lerer.

Thrillist has a lot to celebrate. In the past year, Thrillist’s revenue has tripled. Lerer says it grew from $10-15 million to more than $30 million.

The event was held at Beekmans Beer Garden Beach Club in Manhattan. We got an inside look at all the shenanigans.

There was some business to attend to the day before the picnic. Here, Thrillist's senior executive team was getting ready to give presentations.

The auditorium was packed with Thrillist's 215 employees. The number of Thrillist employees from last summer to this summer more than doubled.

Next was the president's address. Recent hire Philippe Guelton presented.

Ben Lerer snacked on Perky Jerky while introducing Jackthreads' founder Jason Ross.

Getting ready to eat Hill Country BBQ, a Thrillist favourite.

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Adam Rich enjoyed the rooftop party that followed.

Jackthreads' CEO Jason Ross chatted with company CFO Eric Ashman and Jackthreads' GM Mike Novotny.

Executive Editor and Thrillist's first employee David Blend dressed up to host trivia.

Senior Editor Hayden Lynch (left) and Adam Rich (right) took their hosting duties very seriously.

All that Thrivia made people hungry — pizza break.

On day two, the 8-team Thrillist Cup began.

There was a scoreboard so teams could see where they stood throughout the day.

Christie Martin of Jackthreads worked hard on her team's flag.

VP of Strategic Data Analytics Ryan McIntyre (left) with Thrillist President Philippe Guelton (middle) and GM of Jackthreads Mike Novotny (right) got ready to compete.

Marketing Coordinator Andrew Yung and Jackthreads' Marketing Manager Garett Press were in a very serious game of beer pong.


The Thrill Amigos were the champions.

Here, some employees sported Jackthreads' branded sunglasses

Thrillist employees proudly waved their team flags.

Then there was the flip cup championship game.

CEO Ben Lerer prepared for a chug-off against one member of every team. Naturally, he won.

Jackthreads Stylist Meredith Miller with Merchandising Copywriter John Walker posed on some kegs.

Of course there was corn hole, a must-have for any summer barbecue. Score points by getting the bean bag in the hole or on the board.

Merchandising Editor Dave Infante with New York Editor Andrew Zimmer, Communications Manager Alyssa Carroll and Detroit Editor Phil Bator.

Miami Editor Liz Newman with San Diego Editor Kyle Hall were happy.

The Thrillist Cup Trophy was the massive prize to be won.

The 2012 winners of the Thrillist Cup were led by team captain and Director of Communications Devon Giddon. Congrats!

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