Check Out Our Startup The Holidays Party Pics!

Thank you to everyone who attended TBI’s Startup the Holidays party last night!

We’d also like to thank our sponsor, Regus NYC for making the event possible and giving us a place to party — one of their 18 fully-furnished, rentable office locations in Manhattan.

Scroll through the pictures to get an idea of the event. 

Most pictures are from the first hour before things really got going.  Once the open-bar got into full swing our priorities changed a bit (can you blame us?). Enjoy!

Check out the party pics! >

Who's winning the money game?

Joe Weisenthal, Charlie O'Donnell of First Round Capital, Brooke Moreland of, and John Carney of Clusterstock

The people in charge

Julie Hansen, COO & Publisher of The Business Insider with Marisa Mohan, General Manager of Regus NY.

Win office space!

Regus sweepstakes desk. Guests could enter to win on year of free office space:

Don't eat the flower


The beer was on the house. The Dr. Pepper? Not so much

Either schmooze or lose, baby

TBI Edit Posse

Rory Maher, Nicholas Carlson and Joe Weisenthal stand and look smug.

Rory Maher and Nicholas Carlson of TBI look so, so sad

Rory Maher and Danielle Lacombe -- hey-yo!

Jessica Amason of BuzzFeed and angel investor Chris Dixon

TBI's Andrew Fleming and Jason Merriman make the magic happen

Kamelia Angelova, Alyson Shontell and Lawrence Delevingne of TBI

DJ/Beer Taste Giver extraordinaire

Vince Veneziani with Erin McGill of Gawker Media

TBI's Erin Carlson and Peter Feld of Interbrands

What's so funny?

SAI's Dan Frommer and Gawker Media's Erin McGill

Beer and cheese tasting.

Those wine glasses need filling

Jay Yarow of SAI. We're not sure what's going on here.

We think he misses the Tesla.

What's in the bag?

John Carney works the room

Julie fires some interns

Vince Veneziani smuggling leftovers

A full case of beer, 2 six packs and a few Vosses. Our writers are just so classy!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Man that was fun!

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