Find the best country for your startup: This site shows you everything from registration fees to the cost of a beer

So you’re thinking about founding your own startup. Where should you locate it?

Thanks to a handy new website called Startup Stats, you can now easily compare startup locations by looking at factors such as availability of startup visas, internet coverage and speeds, registrations fees, income tax, and even the average cost of a beer.

Startup Stats organizes everything in a clean, colourful list by country — there’s detailed information on 43 different countries at the moment.

Clicking on a specific country will expand it to show you the full breakdown of stats.

Here’s what it looks like for America. At the top, you’ll see the country name, main tech hubs, internet summary, and the relative ease of starting a company there.

Here’s the full breakdown of what you need to know about starting a company in Japan, where you’ll notice the registration fee is pretty steep, though the average cost of a beer is much cheaper than the U.S. ($US1.50 vs. $US4).

If you want to zero in on a specific stat such as registration fee, ease of funding, or the availability of a startup visa, Startup Stats lets you sort the list by individual factors too.

Looking to the future, Founded X, the startup collective behind Startup Stats, says it plans to add more information and additional ways to connect with other startup founders in your local area.

You can browse Startup Stats for yourself by clicking here.

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