Mystery Solved! Startup Tumri Hires Ex-AOLer Mike Peralta*


Update: Former AOL ad exec Mike Peralta will join startup Tumri, we’ve learned.

Earlier: Advertising startup Tumri tells us they’ve snagged “one of the top executives” at AOL’s Platform-A.

We don’t know who the fleeing executive is because we declined Tumri’s pitch to learn more about the announcement “under embargo.”

But do you, faithful readers, know which executive will be the latest to flee the Time Warner (TWX) subsidiary?

Help us solve this mystery.

Your only clue is Tumri’s pitch:

I wanted to tell you that Tumri is building momentum again and I think your followers will be interested in this latest executive move in the online advertising industry.  They are continuing their C-level hiring spree following the April 9 announcement of Yahoo! executive Jeff McCombs as CFO which you covered, as well.

Tumri is announcing the hire of yet another top advertising executive to be announced May 5. Stepping into the new position of Chief Revenue Officer will be one of the top executives at Platform-A / He joins Mountain View-based, Tumri, with a wealth of experience and deal-making prowess, adding to the company’s high-calibre management team.

Update: An earlier version of this post said Tumri “poached” a Platform-A executive. Mike Peralta was no longer at AOL when he joined Tumri.

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