Startup Opscode Just Put $19.5 Million In The Bank And Microsoft's Ex-CFO On Its Board

John Connors VC IgnitionJohn Connors

Photo: Ignition

The future of Seattle startup Opscode has gone from good to even better.Opscode just snagged $19.5 million in a series C round, landed an ex-Microsoft big shot on its board and released an impressive list of companies for its first user conference.

With today’s funding, Opscode has $31 million total since it was founded in 2008, reports the Seattle Times.

The company is gaining a name for itself for some interesting open-source software that helps IT professionals manage servers. The tool is called “Chef” and it uses a cute cookbook and recipe analogy to show IT professionals how to automatically set up of servers.

Such automation is important for companies using the cloud. The whole point of the cloud is to be able to grow and shrink your IT infrastructure as demand rises and falls. This can’t be done if some poor system administrator has to manually bring servers online as they are needed.

What’s cool about Opscode is that it’s open source so people can write their own cookbooks to automate whatever processes they want.  The startup says in its three years it now has 13,000 registered users and almost 400 community written “cookbooks” that automate stuff on everything from Apache servers to Windows.

Today it also announced its first user conference with some big names on board including speakers from HP and Joyent and sponsors from HP, VMware, and Citrix.

This latest funding round was lead by Ignition Partners and along with the investment, Opscode gained former Microsoft CFO, John Connors, on its board. Connors has been a partner at Ignition since 2005 and was at Microsoft for 16 years before that. Since turning VC, he’s done well: Heroku which was sold to, which sold to and Xensource which sold to Citrix.

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