This "startup castle" doesn't want you if you have a complex diet or own expensive clothes

If you’re remotely normal, sorry, but you can’t live in the “Startup Castle“.

Live-work-play spaces are common in Silicon Valley as many startups will live in the same building while they build their product.

But, the current roommates of the Startup Castle seem to be pretty discerning on who can live with them in their castle of entrepreneurial dreams.

The qualifications for new roommates basically excludes anyone who suffers from mental illness, who has a history of political activism, who online dates, who has generous parents, who wears make-up or who enjoys an occasional Netflix binge.

A house member told Fusion’s Kevin Roose that the rules are meant to get away from people obsessed with themselves, but this laundry list of “traits exclusive to disappointing housemates” seems to be pretty far-reaching:

Those are just the traits of bad roommates. To be a good one, you also have to be excellent at everything else in your life.

The 17,000 square-foot castle at 125 Northgate Drive in Woodside, California, was mocked back in 2014 after social app Chatous allegedly moved into it with their fresh VC funds and their investor highlighted the move on Facebook. It’s unclear whether it’s the same group still living there, but the castle’s website still advertises meeting room for investors, charity galas, and monk-life in castle dorms.

If you do make it the door of the “Startup Castle”, expect to pay $US1,000 for a shared dormitory or $US1,750 for a private rooms. Private bathrooms and car parking costs extra. They do stock a “generosity kitchen” of basic foods like eggs, milk and cheese and promise “geometric scaling of success for everybody”. (Feel free to translate that line in the comments).

We’ve reached out for comment and will update if we hear back.

But based on the additional photos on the Craigslist posting, we’ll admit that the castle at least looks like a pretty sweet place to crash.

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