Startup 10gen Just Hired An Open-Source Guru And A Bunch Of Other Big Names

Matt AsayMatt Asay heads to database startup 10gen

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Take a look at all the hiring action going on at database startup 10gen.Within the last 60 days, the company has hired a bunch of big names in enterprise tech, including open-source guru Matt Asay.

Asay is best known for his role as COO of Linux vendor Canonical, makers of Ubuntu Linux, and for his work on open-source software licenses when he studied at Stanford Law School.

He’s helped make open source an acceptable option for enterprise users, who were once wary of it. He organised industry conferences and he pens columns in Wired and the Register. Assay will become vice president of strategy.

But wait, there’s more.

  • 10gen stole Edward Albanese away from super-hot Hadoop startup Cloudera. Albanese will become 10gen’s new vice president of business development. 
  • It nabbed Joe Morrissey from Oracle’s MySQL unit.  He will lead 10gen’s European expansion.
  • It snagged Kurt Daniel away from Microsoft’s SQL Server team, where he was the lead product manager. He will lead worldwide marketing as well as the online services business unit—which hints that 10gen is ramping up a cloud-computing offering.
  • Plus it hired Ron Avnur from MarkLogic. Avnur is a known name in database circles who helped MarkLogic create a petabyte-scale database.

So what’s so hot about 10gen that has these leaders signing up to join it? 10gen makes MongoDB, a new kind of database known as “NoSQL”—the opposite of traditional, structured databases. It’s not replacing traditional databases, yet, but is at heart of the new Web and mobile apps driven by big data that companies are writing.

The database market is $30 billion today and 10gen president Max Schireson says his company’s addressable market is $20 billion—way bigger than Hadoop.

It’s not the only NoSQL database around and doing well. Others include Couchbase and Cassandra. But MongoDB is extremely popular. It’s one of the top most sought after tech skills on LinkedIn.

10gen landed a $42 million round, its fifth venture-capital infusion, in May.

Disclosure: 10gen’s cofounder, Dwight Merriman, is an investor, board member, and cofounder of Business Insider. Also, 10gen cofounder and board member Kevin Ryan is also cofounder and chairman of Business Insider.

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