Nintendo's 3DS XL Is Hitting Stores This Summer–Here's This Week's Gaming News

  • Courtesy of Blizzard EntertainmentFacebook wants your opinion, Diablo 3 fans.Nintendo’s new 3DS XL will go on sale starting August 19. This upgraded version of the 3DS will have a much larger screen–almost twice as large, in fact–and offers 3D imagery. This upgrade is Nintendo’s response to the PlayStation Vita (Nintendo’s main rival), the iPad, and other smartphones.
  • Market valuation for Electronic Arts has plummeted since November. Since the start of this calendar year, EA’s stock has dropped almost 40%.
  • Facebook is turning to WOW and Diablo core gamers to discuss the future of gaming. With Facebook’s new partnership with gaming company Kixeye, their focus now is on high-quality games.
  • Nintendo just announced a new partnership between Namco Bandai Games and Sora Ltd., the developers behind “Smash Bros.”
  • Are the rumours true? The “Xbox 720” is reportedly being released in 2013 and will be sold for $299. Not only will there be an updated version of Kinect–Kinect V2–but it will also boast new camera technology giving gamers the ability to sit while playing.
  • Veteran producer Hiromichi Tanaka is leaving Square Enix after almost 20 years. Best known for his work on “Final Fantasy XI,” he is citing health reasons as his reason for leaving. We wish him a speedy recover.

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