Here's What You Missed At Start In Paris

start in paris

Photo: © 2011 @francois_tancre

Start in Paris is the Parisian answer to the New York Tech Meetup. Each month, 5 startups get 5 minutes to demo a product to an audience, which then votes for the startups.Parisian entrepreneurs Laurent Kretz and Jonathan Benoudiz organise the event, which is already a huge success. Several SIP finalist startups have raised venture funding. And every night the event is fully packed.

It’s a great community event that gives a good look at the early stage web scene in Paris which, as we’ve been writing, is growing very impressively.

Full house...

1. SensCritique is a community site around culture

SensCritique is a social community site around culture: movies, TV, comics, etc. Users write reviews of stuff, talk to each other, and eventually the site learns about users' tastes and recommends them stuff, which is a built-in business model. The project seems very polished and the entrepreneurs are accomplished.

LouerUnEtudiant is a marketplace for student labour, a la eLance. Companies can post jobs for students, see their profiles, hourly rates and reputation. Jobs include building websites and logos, translating documents and the like.

The site has already had 400 participating businesses after launching 3 months ago and there's no reason to think it won't keep growing.

3. Agora is an app that lets you meet interesting new people via Foursquare and Twitter

Pierre Valade was there to talk about his Foursquare app Agora. Whenever you check-in somewhere, Agora can suggest other people who have checked-in who have stuff in common with you and whom you might like to meet. It does this by taking into account who or what you follow on Twitter.

We profiled Agora exclusively here, and we still like it.

4. With Prixing, you can scan barcodes in shop and get price information and more

Despite the ugly name, Prixing seems pretty useful: it's a mobile app that lets you scan barcodes in shops. It doesn't just give you price comparison information, which other apps already do, but also information like ingredients or reviews.

4. BookingPoker lets you plan and set up online poker games with friends

Think of BookingPoker as Evite for online poker games. It's a convenient way to schedule and set up online poker games with your friends (or other people if you feel like it).

This seems like a straight play for all the user acquisition euros that the big French online poker sites are spending right now. Online gambling was recently legalized in France and so everyone is spending zillions to become the biggest the fastest.

Doesn't mean it can't be useful.



Prixing seems like the most real-life-problem-solving of the apps and so it makes sense that the audience would vote it the winner.

France being France, afterwards everyone boozes up (on Heineken, natch)

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