THEN AND NOW: The stars of ‘Big Time Rush’ 7 years later

The leading characters have gone on to different careers after ‘Big Time Rush.’ Nickelodeon; JC Olivera/Getty Images
  • It’s been seven years since “Big Time Rush” ended its run on Nickelodeon, and six years since the band stopped performing together.
  • Kendall Schmidt returned to the band he was in before “Big Time Rush,” and he continued to act.
  • James Maslow launched his solo music career, and he still occasionally acts in film and on TV.
  • Carlos PenaVega (né Pena Jr.) continued making music as a solo artist is and worked on several movie and TV projects with his wife, Alexa PenaVega (née Vega).
  • Logan Henderson took a break from the spotlight but has recently released a solo album.
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After premiering on Nickelodeon in 2009, the musical-comedy series “Big Time Rush” quickly became a fan favourite, skyrocketing the members of the show’s fictitious boy band to real-life, mainstream fame.

The band released three studio albums between 2010 and 2013, selling millions of records and solidifying group members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, and Logan Henderson as teenage heartthrobs.

Although the show ended in 2013 and the band stopped performing in 2014, the group recently had a virtual reunion in June where they all performed an acoustic cover of their hit song “Worldwide.”

Seven years later, here’s what the stars of “Big Time Rush” are up to.

Kendall Schmidt played Kendall Knight, the group’s charming leader.

Kendall Schmidt on the first episode of ‘Big Time Rush.’ Nickelodeon

Before he joined the “Big Time Rush” cast, Kendall Schmidt had already established himself as a child actor with appearances on a variety of shows, including The WB’s “Gilmore Girls,” NBC’s “ER,” CBS’ “Without a Trace, and CBS’ “CSI: Miami.”

He also had already formed the music duo Heffron Drive in 2008 with Dustin Belt.

After being cast as Kendall Knight on “Big Time Rush,” he quickly became a fan-favourite as the series’ charming lead.

Schmidt returned to his band, Heffron Drive, and continues to act.

Kendall Schmidt started performing with his own band again after the show. Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

After Big Time Rush decided to stop performing as a band a year after the show’s finale, Schmidt announced his return to Heffron Drive.

He and fellow band member Belt continued to release music together from 2014 to 2018, and the band won the iHeart Radio Music Festival’s Rising Star Competition in 2018.

Schmidt also continued his work on television, starring on the YouTube series “Are You There God? It’s Me Margot” and the Nickelodeon TV adaption of “School of Rock.”

Most recently, Schmidt announced on his Instagram that he was releasing a Vocal Pack with the music collaboration platform Splice.

James Maslow played James Diamond, who seriously wanted to be famous.

James Maslow on the first episode of ‘Big Time Rush.’ Nickelodeon

After making his acting debut on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly,” James Maslow landed the role of James Diamond on “Big Time Rush.”

His character was known as the cutest member of the group, although “BTR” fans tended to be divided on who their favourite band member was.

Maslow has since released solo music and has continued to act in film and on TV.

James Maslow at the premiere of ‘Las Pildoras De Mi Novio’ in 2020. JC Olivera/Getty Images

Following the band’s final tour in 2014, Maslow starred as Kevin Mohr on “Sequestered,” a Sony Crackle original series. T

he same year, Maslow also placed fourth on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” and in 2018, Maslow joined the cast of CBS’ “Celebrity Big Brother.”

In addition to appearing on reality TV, Maslow has worked on a variety of movies and TV series. He is slated to appear as an American pilot in the upcoming war film “Wolf Hound” among other projects.

Maslow also continued his work as a musician, releasing the pop solo album “How I Like It” in 2017 and the single “Love U Sober” in 2019.

Fans can keep up with Maslow via his Instagram page and his YouTube channel, both of which he uses to document his day-to-day life and music career.

Carlos PenaVega played Carlos Garcia, the group’s most wild and fun member.

Carlos PenaVega on the first episode of ‘Big Time Rush.’ Nickelodeon

Carlos PenaVega (né Pena Jr.) got his start on TV appearing on NBC’s hit medical drama “ER.”

Before joining the cast of “Big Time Rush,” PenaVega also appeared on CBS’ “Judging Amy,” The WB’s “Summerland,” and Nickelodeon’s “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.”

Once he joined the cast of “Big Time Rush,” PenaVega became well-known for his wisecracking, fun-loving character, Carlos Garcia.

He continues to release solo music and act in films and on TV.

Carlos PenaVega has starred in a number of movies on the Hallmark Channel. Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

After the band stopped performing in 2014, he released his first solo single “Electrico,” followed by his 2017 single “Bésame.” In 2016 he performed in Fox’s “Grease Live!” as Kenickie.

Outside of music, he also continued to work in film and on TV, starring on series like The CW’s “Life Sentence” and RecodTV’s “The Power Couple.”

Carlos and his wife, Alexa PenaVega (née Vega), joined surnames after they were married in 2014. The PenaVegas consistently work together, including appearing on the same season of “Dancing With the Stars” in 2015 and acting in a variety of Hallmark movies.

They also document their personal lives and adventures with their two children on their popular YouTube channel, LexLovesLos.

Logan Henderson played Logan Mitchell, the group’s resident smarty-pants.

Logan Henderson on the first episode of ‘Big Time Rush.’ Nickelodeon

Logan Henderson started his acting career with a small appearance on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights.”

He landed the role of geeky Logan Mitchell on “Big Time Rush,” who was always getting his fellow bandmates out of trouble.

Henderson took some time out of the spotlight after “Big Time Rush” ended, but he recently reignited his music career.

Logan Henderson at Jingle Ball in 2018. Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Henderson took a break from acting and music for a few years after the band stopped performing in 2014. He told “The Zack Sang Show” in 2017 that he had needed a break from the time-consuming obligations related to his career.

Unlike his “Big Time Rush” costars, Henderson has not continued his on-screen work, but he has reignited his music career.

In 2017, Henderson released his first solo single “Sleepwalker,” in 2018, he released his EP “Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams,” and in 2019, he released the single “End of the World.”

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