This startup wants to bring super-fast, wireless internet to your home

A new startup is launching a product that promises to bring superfast, wireless internet to your home.

Starry, a company founded by the former CEO of Aereo, Chet Kanojia, will sell wireless equipment that delivers internet speeds up to 1 gigabit using a technology called “millimetre wave band active phased array.”

Starry launched Wednesday at an event in New York. We’re still gathering details on how the service will work, but you can read the company’s press release below:

The team from Project Decibel, Inc., today announced the launch of Starry, Inc., a Boston- and New York-based technology company focused on revolutionising how consumers access and connect to the internet. Starry’s mission is to connect people and things, wirelessly, seamlessly and effortlessly with beautifully designed products and platforms. The company is re-imagining broadband access by developing an eco-system of products and services designed to simplify and improve your connected life.

Starry has developed and is deploying the world’s first millimetre wave band active phased array technology for consumer internet communications, using that technology as a platform for rolling out a nationwide fixed wireless broadband network capable of delivering internet speeds of up to one gigabit, wirelessly to the home. Using a self-installation system, consumers will be able to buy Starry products directly and connect to the internet in minutes, without onerous contracts, data caps or having to wait for an installer.

Additionally, the company unveiled Starry Station, the world’s first ambient touchscreen Wi-Fi station, a beautifully designed smart home internet and Wi-Fi station that provides users with a window into their home’s internet health and device connectivity, all through an interactive 3.8″ capacitive touchscreen. Starry’s launch was announced today by founder and CEO, Chaitanya “Chet” Kanojia at the Helen Mills Event Space in Manhattan.

“The future of connectivity is wireless and having simple, affordable access to an internet connection is imperative for every household and business,” said Kanojia. “But, far too many people don’t have a choice in how they access that connection. We set out to build an innovative alternative to wired broadband using millimetre waves and proprietary technology to deliver ultra high speed broadband to your home, wirelessly. With Starry’s technology, we can deploy and scale faster than traditional wired networks — at a fraction of the cost. This is how the networks of the future will be built around the globe.”

With Starry Internet, the company is pioneering the use of millimetre waves as an alternative to fixed wireline broadband. Using the world’s first millimetre wave active phased array for consumer internet communications, Starry is capable today of achieving speeds of up to a gigabit of internet service, wirelessly, with deployment costs that are a fraction of the cost of deploying traditional wired broadband.

By using OFDM modulation coupled with MIMO as a foundation, along with active phased array RF front ends, Starry’s technological architecture enables it to leverage OFDM radio technology, including MU-MIMO, in a dense architecture across multiple licensed spectrum bands, including ultra high frequency millimetre waves, to deliver high speed broadband to your home or business through a self-installed home receiver. There will be absolutely no data caps with Starry Internet.

Starry Internet will launch its first beta in the Greater Boston area in the summer of 2016. Additional cities will be announced throughout the year.

With Starry Station, the company is rewriting the book on Wi-Fi routers. With its distinct design and touchscreen display, Starry makes your router the centrepiece of your home to improve RF performance and usability by providing users a window into their internet connection.

Loaded with features including Starry’s internet Health Score, full internet health monitoring system and built-in persistent auto-speed test, Activity Map and Device Finder, ScreenTime parental controls, and customer support assistance available at a tap, Starry Station is 802.11ac, built with a dual radio that is 802.15 ready for future IoT features and has the ability to support a wide range of connected devices in your home or business. With Starry Station, users have the ability to understand, at a glance, how their internet and Wi-Fi connections are performing at all times.

Starry Station will retail at $349.99 and people will be able to reserve at until February 5. After February 5, Starry Station will be available for sale on and pre-order on Amazon Launchpad, Amazon’s innovative program for startups. All orders will begin shipping in March 2016.

Founded by Chet Kanojia and the elite team of engineers that helped create Aereo, Starry is backed by a group of premier investors including FirstMark Capital, Tiger Global, IAC, KKR, HLVP and Quantum Strategic Partners.

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