Starcom Exec: YouTube Is Overrated


AdAge interviews Tracey Scheppach, Starcom’s “Emerging Video Guru” and picks her brain about Nielsen data, DVRs and YouTube vs. streaming video from network TV. Some interesting takeaways:

TV Measurement Is About To Change Drastically Scheppach wants to measure TV shows and commercials not in minutes but in seconds, something that’s feasible using some cable set-top boxes. When U.S. TV sets flip over to digital in February 2009, some 90% of households will have boxes capable of generating that data, which should make measurement much more precise.

DVRs Are A Problem Without A Solution Scheppach is optimistic about ways to deal with the ad-skipping that DVRs make possible, but says the “full arsenal of techniques” the ad business will need doesn’t really exist yet.

Broadcast TV On The Internet Will Trump YouTube Plenty of folks (including us) think that Web viewers want to watch short clips, not full-length TV shows. But Scheppach argues that while Web viewers watch more videos per month on YouTube, they end up spending more time per month on broadcasters’ sites watching streaming video, and that the majority of viewers watch entire shows. She also argues that much of the appeal of the user-generated, dog-on-skateboard stuff on YouTube is overrated. Given the choice between watching that and a show made by professionals, she argues, they’ll pick the pros: That’s not to say they aren’t going to watch YouTube, but there’s a lot of hype that the tail is really long, and what I’m saying is all this content is going to find its place and the tail is not that long. AdAge