A Starbucks worker’s act of gratitude for New York City police officers guarding the scene of the explosion is going viral

Police starbucks screen shot

A Starbucks worker’s act of gratitude is going viral on social media.

On Sunday, KnightNews, the University of Central Florida’s student newspaper, captured a moment of unity in New York City, when a Starbucks employee handed out free coffee and food to police officers working at the scene of Saturday night’s explosion in Chelsea.

The worker, who identified himself as Germaine, passed coffees and pastries over the security barricades to police officers working in the area. The explosion in Manhattan injured 29 people. 

“I wish I could give a little more,” he said as he handed over the Starbucks treats.

The police officers thanked Germaine, and shook his hand.

The video has been viewed almost 7 million times since KnightNews posted it on Facebook on Sunday, with commenters applauding Germaine for his actions.

“What a true New Yorker — you knock us down and we stand taller,” reads one comment. “Thank You to the FDNY and NYPD for protecting us each and every day.”

The act of kindness stood in contrast to the terror of the bombing and other negative news stories that commenters felt clogged the news.

“Much rather see people showing each other how much they care for one another than all the negative news we see everyday,” reads another comment. “Just sad it usually takes an act of violence to bring us as human beings to care for our fellow man.”


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