People Are Devastated That Starbucks Changed One Of Its Most Popular Breakfast Sandwiches

Starbucks customers are devastated that the coffee chain has changed the recipe for its popular Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

People are complaining online that the new turkey bacon in the sandwich tastes “rubbery” and resembles “cow tongue” and “old sponge.” Several customers have questioned whether the meat is actually some sort of ham.

The sandwich is an updated version to an original favourite by the same name. Blogger Brittany Linville said she orders the turkey bacon sandwich most weekdays and that she asked for a refund upon discovering the new recipe.

“It’s just not the same,” she wrote in an open letter to Starbucks on her blog. “I thought I had gotten the wrong sandwich the first day, but I didn’t have time to turn back. I took two bites and threw away the rest because it was gross. Then the next morning I looked at the sandwich before I drove away. I went back through the line and that’s when I was told the sandwich changed.”

Linville and others are begging the company to trash the new recipe and bring back the original, which had 90 more calories (320 total) than the new one.

Here’s a sampling of the reviews: