A woman who spends $500 a month at Starbucks claims she was forced to go to the hospital after drinking a Frappuccino with disturbing tablets at the bottom

Fox 13Deniece Lee told Fox 13 she found mysterious tablets insider her Starbucks drink.
  • A woman from Layton, Utah says she became ill and went to the hospital after drinking half of a StarbucksFrappuccino with mysterious tablets – perhaps used for cleaning – at the bottom.
  • The woman, named Deniece Lee, is a Starbucks mega-fan, who says she typically spends $US500 a month at the chain.
  • “This mistake should never have been made,” Starbucks told local news station Fox 13 in a statement.

A woman from Layton, Utah says she found a disturbing surprise at the bottom of her Starbucks cup on Sunday.

Deniece Lee told Fox 13 that she went to the emergency room after discovering two mysterious tablets at the bottom of her Green Tea Frappuccino on ice, which she had ordered at a location inside a Smith’s grocery store. While the drink tasted off but “drinkable” at first, her children alerted her to there apparently being tablets at the bottom of the cup after she had finished half of the Frappuccino.

Lee called a friend who works at another Starbucks location, who said the tablets might contain cleaning solution and advised Lee to go to the emergency room. According to Fox 13, Lee vomited after arriving at the hospital, where she spent a number of hours before being discharged.

Lee described herself to Fox 13 as someone who visited Starbucks up to three times a day, spending roughly $US500 a month at the chain. Despite the scare, she seems willing to give the coffee giant the benefit of the doubt.

“I honestly think it was an honest mistake. I would hope it’s an honest mistake. I really just don’t ever want it to happen to anyone else,” Lee told Fox 13.

Starbucks did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment, but told Fox 13 that the store’s director and customer service team had already apologised to Lee directly.

“This mistake should never have been made and both Starbucks and Smith’s are working together to understand how this happened and to remind associates of our cleaning procedures designed to help prevent this type of situation,” the statement reads.

Read the full story at Fox 13 here.

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