A Starbucks employee revealed what looks like this year's red holiday cups

Starbucks’ red cups aren’t due to hit coffee shops until November. But a tipster recently revealed a photo of what appears to be the coffee giant’s annual celebratory cups.

On Thursday, Reddit user DasUberSquid posted a photo of the cup in the r/Starbucks subreddit, with the title “I peeked.”

The cups feature an abstract pattern with a bird and holly leaves.

We reached out to Starbucks for confirmation on whether or not these are actually the 2016 holiday cups, but the company didn’t respond. 

A number of other Starbucks employees have recently posted photos of boxes of holiday cups arriving at their stores. The boxes say “No peeking until November 10.” 

There have been rumours swirling that Starbucks might do something different with its red cups this year. People have tweeted that some locations received green cups — though its possible these are for election week. A Reddit user said in a comment there will be at least three designs for the cups

Every year, Starbucks reveals a new design for its red holiday cups. Last year’s cup stirred up controversy for not being Christmas-y enough. 

In November, American evangelist and internet personality Joshua Feuerstein posted a video on Facebook saying that Starbucks “removed Christmas from their cups,” by picking a minimalist red design. This sparked a small movement in which customers asked baristas to write “Merry Christmas” on their cups, but most of the backlash was directed at Feuerstein. 

Ultimately, the scandal did little to hurt Starbucks’ holiday sales. The company had “by far” the strongest holiday in its history, CEO Howard Schultz said in a company earnings call in January. 

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