Starbucks came out with 3 new drinks for Valentine's Day -- here's what they taste like

Today, Starbucks unleashed three new drinks that are only available February 8-14.

The coffee chain created a theme for the new Valentine’s Day drinks: molten chocolate cake.

The flavour is available in three varieties: a latte, a frappuccino, and a hot chocolate.

The molten chocolate latte is made with melted chocolate chips, espresso, steamed milk, and bittersweet mocha syrup. It tastes like a regular cafe mocha, but with extra dark chocolate. The coffee flavour is very faint, frankly.

The frappuccino iteration consists of coffee with mocha syrup and chocolate chips blended with milk and ice. It’s very sweet, and the crushed chocolate chips add a rich texture to the drink.

And the molten hot chocolate has bittersweet mocha syrup and chocolate chips that are melted into steamed milk. This has a slightly bitter taste for hot chocolate, and has a richer flavour than the other two drinks. It tastes the most like deep, dark chocolate — a big plus for serious chocolate lovers.

Overall, these drinks fail to differentiate themselves from the average mocha flavour. They’re delicious, for sure, but are underwhelming as special seasonal flavours.

This week, Starbucks will also have a special Snapchat filter, as well as a special Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify.

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