Starbucks Japan is making Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos and people are freaking out

Starbucks Japan announced a new Coffee Jelly Frappuccino on Tuesday and people are going nuts. 

The drink, which will retail for 590 yen (US $5.62) from July 2 to August 31 at Starbucks in Japan, will come with an extra-wide straw to make sure no jelly pieces are left behind.

While Starbucks UK offers a similar three-layer caramel coffee Frappuccino, Japan’s version will consist of a whopping four layers  —  coffee jelly chunks, coffee, creamy custard sauce, and whipped cream.

If you’re wondering what “Coffee Jelly” entails, it’s simply cubes of jelly made with Starbucks’ Dark Roast.

Starbucks Phillipines also offers a similar drink, and it looks delicious:

Those not in Japan are already jealous of the jelly-filled drink:


 Japan truly does have the best Starbucks flavours, like strawberry cheesecake and mango jelly:


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