'Devastated' gluten-free customers slam Starbucks for cutting a key menu item

StarbucksStarbucks is cutting its gluten-free breakfast sandwich.
  • Starbucks has discontinued its certified gluten-free breakfast sandwich.
  • Customers with celiac disease and other people who don’t eat gluten are outraged and heartbroken by the decision.
  • A Starbucks representative said the sandwich had been cut from the menu due to low sales.

Starbucks is under fire for cutting its gluten-free breakfast sandwich from the menu.

The coffee chain cut its Canadian bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese sandwich after just a year on the menu, the New York Post reported.

Customers with celiac disease and others who do not eat gluten were quick to respond – and they were not pleased.

“Very upset to hear you are discontinuing the Gluten Free breakfast sandwiches,” one person wrote on Starbucks’ Facebook page. “Really Starbucks? Gluten Free people have a hard enough time finding a safe Gluten Free option – especially a convenient one.”

“No more gluten free breakfast sandwich???” wrote another. “Guess me and my gaggle of children will find somewhere else to patronize who actually cares about people with special food needs.”

A Starbucks representative confirmed to Business Insider that the gluten-free breakfast sandwich had been discontinued.

“These decisions are never easy to make, but ultimately we decided to discontinue the Certified Gluten-Free Breakfast Sandwich due to low sales,” the representative said in an email. “Customers looking for gluten-free options can also enjoy two varieties of Sous Vide Egg Bites which we recently introduced and are made without gluten-containing ingredients, and a variety of packaged foods, including the Marshmallow Dream Bar, bars by KIND, That’s It, or a container of Siggi’s Yogurt.”

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