Starbucks is testing a new item that's perfect for people who hate watery iced coffee

Starbucks’ latest test as the weather warms up is aimed at iced coffee lovers. 

The coffee giant is testing coffee ice, or ice cubes made of coffee, this summer at 100 stores in Baltimore and St. Louis. For 80 cents, customers can swap traditional ice for ice made from Starbucks coffee in any iced espresso or coffee drink. 

Customers in the test areas have already started sharing photos of their coffee ice on Instagram: 

Coffee ice cubes are a DIY summer tradition for people who hate watered down coffee. 

Starbucks isn’t planning to expand the test at this point in time. However, the chain is working to expand its cold beverage options, with drinks like Nitro cold brew and a California test of affogato — an espresso-ice cream mashup. 

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