We asked more than 3,000 people about which fast-food chains have the best coffee, and Starbucks beat everyone by a mile

Coffee is an important part of many a morning routine. Shutterstock
  • Business Insider surveyed more than 3,000 readers to determine which fast-food chain has the best coffee.
  • The rankings were determined by the percentage of visitors to a chain who said that that chain had the best coffee.
  • Starbucks beat out Dunkin‘ and McDonald’s to take the title of the fast-food chain with the best coffee, but other large chains didn’t even show up on readers’ radars.
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Whether it’s just a quick pick-me-up or you can’t stay awake without it, coffee is a crucial part of many a morning routine. That’s why it’s so important to be able to get coffee that’s fast, cheap, and, hopefully, good.

We asked Business Insider’s readers which fast-food chain they thought had the best coffee. We received over 3,000 total responses, and in order to include smaller regional chains, we determined the rankings by measuring the number of positive responses against the number of total responses for each chain.

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For coffee, there were only three chains that swept the ranks. Panera and Krispy Kreme received 5% and 8% of the votes, respectively, from respondents who’d visited them in the last six months, while 1% or fewer respondents preferred coffee from Burger King, Chick-fil-A, and Wendy’s. Positive response was negligible from all other chains, including Subway and Taco Bell.

The top three dominated the competition, but the competition within the three wasn’t even close.

3. McDonald’s


13% of readers who visited a McDonald’s in the last six months said the chain had the best coffee.

2. Dunkin’


58% of readers who visited Dunkin’ in the last six months said the chain had the best coffee.

1. Starbucks


71% of readers who visited Starbucks in the last six months said the chain had the best coffee.