Starbucks Closing Five Midtown NYC Stores: How To Get Online

Among Starbucks’ (SBUX) list of 600 stores (PDF) it’s closing this year: Five Midtown NYC locations. These are:

  • 400 Madison Ave., between 47th St. and 48th St.
  • 1600 Broadway, between 48th St. and 49th St.
  • 565 Fifth Ave., between 46th St. and 47th St.
  • 340 Madison Ave., between 43rd St. and 44th St.
  • 151 W. 34th St, Macy’s Fifth Floor

Call one of these stores your home office? There’s still plenty of places to get online in Midtown.

  • Hundreds of wi-fi hotspots listed in JiWire’s directory, including many, many more Starbucks stores.
  • Free wi-fi in Midtown from CBS.
  • Free wi-fi in Bryant Park.
  • Shared wi-fi from the FON project. Or someone’s open Linksys.

Readers: Have any local (or non-local) favourites with free wi-fi? List ’em in the comments.

Photo: Zugaldia on Flickr

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