Starbucks baristas are teasing a drink that's a new take on an iconic secret menu item

Starbucks baristas are teasing a new Starbucks creation. 

Over the last few days, several Starbucks employees have posted photos on social media of the “Ombre Pink Drink” — a new take on the brightly-coloured beverage that went viral last year. 

According to one Canadian Starbucks location’s Instagram account, the base of the ombré pink drink is Cool Lime Refresher with coconut milk, topped with a splash of passion iced tea. 

Here’s what the drink looks like: 

Starbucks original “pink drink” was invented by creative customers late last spring. The drink, made with Strawberry Acai Refresher and coconut milk, quickly became popular on Instagram and gained renown as a Starbucks “secret menu” item. 

It wasn’t until April 2017 — about a year after Starbucks began selling the pink drink — that the beverage became an official Starbucks menu item. 

A Starbucks spokesperson said the coffee giant didn’t have any details to share on whether or not the Ombre Pink Drink was going to become an official menu item.

However, it seems as though baristas across the country are learning how to prepare the new beverage — so be on the lookout for it on menus this summer. 

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