Soon, You'll Be Able To Make Orders Ahead Of Time With The Starbucks App

At certain points every morning, Starbucks stores can be impossible to get through.

The lines can sometimes move incredibly slow, but Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz revealed that the mobile app is going to get a new feature that could make picking up your latte much easier.

During the Q4 earnings call, Quartz’s Roberto A. Ferdman writes that Schultz wants the app to let customers make orders from their smartphones and pick their coffees up from the closest store.

While other companies like Chipotle have adopted strategies like this, Starbucks has a big advantage if it wants to install this tool on its app: 10 million people use it to pay for orders, according to Quartz.

The first time Starbucks mentioned mobile ordering like this was in 2012, but the project is still in the preliminary phases. Executives didn’t mention a release date in their earnings call.

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