Here's what everyone in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' was reportedly paid -- from the highest to the lowest

The force awakens star wars box officeDisney‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” shattering box-office records over the weekend, the inevitable question now is, how much did everyone in the movie get paid?

Variety looked into the question, and what it found is that seniority in a galaxy far, far away certainly helped at the negotiating table (especially for Harrison Ford).

We broke down the reported figures for all the main actors here:

Harrison Ford: $10-$20 million

Jason Merrit/Getty

There's a report by Daily Mail that Ford had a $25 million payday to return as Han Solo, but according to the studio insiders Variety spoke to, that's untrue. But there's no disputing that Ford walked away with the biggest check of the actors. A big reason for that is (SPOILER ALERT) this is ol' Han's final appearance in the 'Star Wars' saga. But it also clearly has something to do with Ford's stardom and experience relative to his co-stars.

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher: Low seven-figures

Jesse Grant/Getty

Though neither had a lot of screen time in 'The Force Awakens,' both had salaries in the millions for the movie, and those will rise as their involvement in the upcoming films grows. According to Variety, Disney instituted a 'legacy pay scale' in 2014 before casting the new roles so talent from the original trilogy would have a bump compared to the new actors.

Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac: Mid-to-high six-figures

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney
Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac attend the world premiere of “'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'

From the new cast, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac reportedly landed on the high side for salaries. This is because of their previous TV and movie work, which gives them fixed rates (Isaac has been in 'Inside Llewyn Davis' and 'Ex Machina,' among others; Driver has worked on 'Lincoln,' HBO's 'Girls,' and more).

John Boyega and Daisy Ridley: $100,000-$300,000

Yoriko Nakao/Getty

Though they are the leads in this global blockbuster, because they are relatively new to major movies, they were treated as such on their pay stubs, according to Variety. This is the first movie of this scale by far that either 'Force Awakens' actor has done. Get most of the screen time but get paid the least? Yes, Hollywood is a tough business.

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