‘Star Wars’ fans are freaking out over this stunning trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic

A new “Star Wars” trailer has fans going bananas. The trailer racked up nearly 2 million views on YouTube in the last four days; Eurogamer called it “better than many Star Wars movies.” 

Sounds hyperbolic? It isn’t — as a lapsed “Star Wars” fan myself, I can attest: This is the good stuff. 

The trailer isn’t for a new “Star Wars” movie, or even a TV show — it’s for a years-old “Star Wars” game that’s getting a big expansion this holiday. The game is called “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” and it originally launched way back in 2011.

With the upcoming expansion, titled “Knights of the Eternal Throne,” the age-old story of The Dark Side corrupting a young padawan is back at the forefront.

The gorgeous trailer explores this journey, from a young girl trying to figure out how to use The Force, to a dark lordess engaged in mortal conflict with her own mother.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Don’t get it twisted: this trailer is not representative of what “Star Wars: The Old Republic” looks like (or even plays like). The game is part of the “MMO” genre, which puts hundreds or thousands of players into an online world together.

In reality, “Star Wars: The Old Republic” looks and plays more like “World of Warcraft” than the cinematic action shown in this incredible trailer. In fairness, no games look and play like this trailer — it’s got more in common with the “Star Wars” films than any game. 

And that’s why you shouldn’t miss it, even if you don’t care about this game. It’s genuinely some of the best short-form “Star Wars” storytelling I’ve ever seen, and I think you’ll agree:

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