Here's 'Star Wars' director J.J. Abrams wearing an Apple Watch

Several celebrities have been spotted wearing Apple Watches ahead of the device’s launch on April 24. On Thursday, during the “Star Wars Celebration” in Anaheim, California, the director of the next “Star Wars” film coming later this year, answered questions on stage while wearing a steel Apple Watch.

The panel also had a few other surprise guests, including droids from the film R2-D2 and BB-8, but it was hard not to pay attention to Abrams’ wrist every time he lifted his hand to speak into the microphone.

Bob Iger, chairman of the Walt Disney Company, which now owns the “Star Wars” franchise, was also sitting in the audience. Iger serves on Apple’s Board of Directors, and he was good friends with co-founder Steve Jobs before his death. The companies are notoriously friendly with one another.

The Apple Watch launches April 24. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens nationwide on Dec. 18.

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