Disney is now selling the blue and green milk from 'Star Wars,' but some people aren't fans of the taste

  • Galaxy’s Edge, a new “Star Wars“-themed addition to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, opened to the public on Friday.
  • At the land’s Milk Stand, visitors can buy a $US7.99 glass of blue or green “milk” that looks like the iconic beverage seen in “A New Hope” and “The Last Jedi.”
  • However, some visitors say they’re disappointed with the plant-based drinks on Twitter.
  • Others, however, seem to love the taste of the drinks and have praised Disney for creating a vegan treat.
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On Friday, Disneyland in Anaheim, California, welcomed visitors into Galaxy’s Edge, a new land that’s inspired by the planet of Batuu from “Star Wars.”

From flying the Millennium Falcon to shopping at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, there’s a ton of attractions for fans to enjoy. But when it comes to food, one section of the land is arguably more intriguing than any other spot: the Milk Stand.

At this shop, visitors can buy a glass of blue or green “milk” for $US7.99 a glass. The drinks are designed to look like the iconic beverages seen in “A New Hope” and “The Last Jedi.” But some people who have visited the park have had some strong opinions about the milk.

On Twitter, some fans said they were frustrated by the taste of the drinks

Most people seem to be upset with the texture of the milks, which could be attributed to the fact that both drinks are made from plant-based mixes of rice and coconut milk. The two drinks are also vegan.

Some people even think Disney should discontinue the milk altogether.


Others, however, loved the taste of the milk drinks

On Twitter, some thanked Disney for creating drinks that are vegan, and therefore accessible to a wider range of parkgoers.

Another Twitter user commended the accuracy of the drinks, and referenced a scene from “Star Wars” in which Luke Skywalker makes a face when sipping the milk.

As INSIDER’s Kim Renfro found, the drinks might have a surprising taste at first

While the “blended popsicle” texture might be unexpected to some, Renfro thought the drinks still had a “really refreshing and pleasant texture.”

Specifically, she thought the blue milk was “very tropical and fruity,” whereas, in her opinion, the green version tasted “almost like the scent of a candle or container of potpourri turned into liquid.”



Here’s what the iconic blue and green milk from ‘Star Wars’ really tastes like

As for the texture of the drinks, Renfro reported that Michele Gendreau, Disneyland Resort’s director of food and beverage, said at a press event that the drinks were created to be authentic to the “Star Wars” franchise.

“We wanted something that would live in the land and help tell the story,” Gendreau said at a Galaxy’s Edge press event. “It was available to all, so it ended up being a plant-based product. It is made with a blend of rice and coconut milk [and] tropical flavours.”

Despite mixed opinions, fans who have yet to visit Galaxy’s Edge still seem interested in trying the drinks

On Twitter, a number of users expressed interest in trying the milk for themselves.

The two drinks are currently available at the Milk Stand in Disneyland Park’s Galaxy’s Edge in Anaheim, California. Starting August 29, parkgoers at Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge in Orlando, Florida, will also be able to purchase the beverages.

To learn more about the Galaxy’s Edge park, visit Disneyland’s website.

Representatives for Disneyland did not immediately respond to INSIDER’s request for comment.

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