'Star Wars' characters have never looked more gorgeous than in the new 'Star Wars' game

There have been dozens of “Star Wars” video games over the years, going back as far as the original Nintendo Entertainment System (and beyond, to the Atari 2600). Ever since the original “Star Wars” film secured the hearts and minds of millions of adoring fans the world over back in 1977, those same fans have wanted to play as their favourite characters from the space opera. 

Those characters have never looked better than in 2015’s “Star Wars Battlefront,” a new game that takes everyone’s favourite pieces of the “Star Wars” universe and mashes them all together into a massive, online multiplayer love letter to fans of the sci-fi franchise. Here’s just one quick example of the game in action:

But beyond crazy on-screen action starring Darth Vader, the game’s got some of the most gorgeous “Star Wars” art we’ve ever seen. Join us below for a smattering of what we’ve seen thus far.

The very first screen that comes up when the game loads is a close-up shot of a storm trooper looking haggard:


The loading screens are where the game's most gorgeous art appears. Like this amazing shot of bounty hunter / fan favourite Boba Fett:


Or this great shot of a standalone AT-ST, menacingly aimed at the player:


The ever-brooding Darth Vader is of course represented as well:


As well as this beautiful side shot of a TIE fighter:


There'll assuredly be a more varied selection of character and vehicle portraits in the full game -- this is just from the beta, which opens on Thursday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC owners. The game's already looking great, though:

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