The new 'Star Wars' game has gigantic, insane space battles -- see them in action right here

The new “Star Wars” game is outrageously pretty. Don’t just take our word for it — look at this star destroyer:

That’s not concept art from the upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC game — it’s a shot of the game in action. It’s quite a looker!

It’s in this outrageously pretty setting that you’ll take on legions of TIE fighters, A-wings, and the specialised spacecraft of the heroes and villains of “Star Wars.” As you might expect, Darth Vader gets his own fancy vehicle, as do the likes of Darth Maul and — yes, seriously — Yoda. 

Though the previous “Battlefront” game featured space battles and dogfighting, it felt limited and one-note. The folks behind “Battlefront 2” are promising more variation in “Battlefront 2” — EA is saying the starfighter assault mode has been, “improved and expanded.” 

We’ll find out for ourselves in the not-so-distant future, as “Star Wars Battlefront 2” launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 17. Check out the new trailer right here:

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