A massive new 'Star Wars' game is about to launch, and it looks incredible

A gorgeous new “Star Wars” game, where you can fight as Yoda against Darth Maul with freakin’ lightsabers? Yes, really

Star Wars Battlefront 2EAAre you more of a Yoda, or more of a Darth Maul? I’m more of a Wicket the Ewok, myself.

That’s exactly what you can do in the upcoming game “Star Wars Battlefront 2,” scheduled to launch on November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Here’s everything we know about the game so far!

'Battlefront 2' takes place in the aftermath of 'Return of the Jedi' (the final film in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy).

Her name is Iden Versio, and she's a brand new character for 'Battlefront 2.'

The second Death Star has just exploded, and you're an Imperial soldier with revenge on the brain. Iden Versio's story is one of vengeance, seemingly set 30 or so years after the explosion of the aforementioned space base.

Rather than a saber-wielding Jedi, you're a trooper. And that means guns instead of future-swords. This is a first-person shooter, first and foremost.

More pew-pew than bwaam-bwaaam.

Since she's an Imperial soldier and not a Jedi, she has no Force powers to use on enemies. This is a game focused on shooting, and she'll apparently be shooting a lot of Rebel forces -- she's 'fighting for the future of the Empire,' according to 'Star Wars' cast member John Boyega in a recent video.

The Emperor is dead, the Death Star is gone, and she's fighting for whatever's left.

Through her journey of revenge, Iden visits a variety of stunning locals.


She also hops into fighter jets to take out fools. Which is to say: Yes, there is vehicle-based combat in the single-player story campaign as well as the multiplayer.

This is an actual gameplay shot, believe it or not.

There isn't a lot of information about how the story in 'Battlefront 2' plays out, but we know it's an entirely new story in set in the 'Star Wars' universe. To that end, you'll encounter some recognisable faces along the way.

Also, as seen above, you get to pilot some pretty sweet ships.

More than just dogfighting over cities, there are outright space battles in 'Battlefront 2.'


Your character has Stormtroopers at her side, but also at least one Wookie gearing up to help you battle in 'Battlefront 2.'


Wookies can be called in as support characters during multiplayer, and it looks like some appear in the game's single-player story as well. As you might imagine, they're stronger than the average person.

You're not just shooting enemies with lasers in exotic space locales in 'Battlefront 2' -- there are instances of actually playing as (and against) famous Star Wars characters. Like Yoda versus Darth Maul here:


And Rey versus these Imperial troopers:

This is from the game's multiplayer section.

The following major 'Star Wars' characters appear as playable characters in 'Battlefront 2':

-Luke Skywalker

-Leia Organa

-Han Solo


-Lando Calrissian



-Darth Vader

-Emperor Palpatine

-Boba Fett


-Iden Versio

-Darth Maul

-Kylo Ren

The characters are playable as 'Hero' characters within the game's multiplayer section. They essentially act like a 'superpower,' enabling you to take out a lot of enemy players with powerful attacks -- not unlike what might happen if Kylo Ren showed up in the middle of a skirmish.

Additionally, they star in a 'Heroes vs Villains' mode that specifically pits the stars of 'Star Wars' against each other.

There are large-scale battles in the game's single-player campaign as well, sometimes with vehicles like this massive tank.

Pretty rad!

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 17. Here are some trailers to hold you over in the meantime:

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