Some Guy Created This Awesome Video Of Spacecraft From 'Star Wars' Taking Over A German Airport

The routed Empire is preparing for its comeback by massing forces at Germany’s Frankfurt International Airport. Well, at least that’s how one YouTuber sees it.

YouTube user Frank Wunderlich created a video showing the airport as a staging area for the Galactic Empire, and the result is pretty awesome. It begins with Tie Fighters escorting an Imperial transport to the Galactic Starport in Germany.

Meanwhile, buses bearing the insignia of the Empire, an AT-AT and even a couple of Storm Troopers fill the tarmac.

The video even includes a few Easter eggs. Savvy “Star Wars” fans will notice a Star Destroyer looming ominously in the background along with a Death Star visible from space. There’s even a shield generator just like the one on the Moon of Endor, which protected the Death Star in Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi.

The video is billed as leaked footage from the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, which is currently being filmed by director J.J. Abrams. And while Wunderlich has put together an incredible feature, the images are unfortunately not from a new Star Wars set on Earth, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The video, uploaded July 2nd, already has more than 4 million views:

There’s still no word on where rebel forces have set up shop.

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