You'll soon be able to fly on 'Star Wars'-themed planes in Japan

Star wars planeANAJapan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) is launching some ‘Star Wars’ inspired planes.

“Star Wars” fever is now reaching the stratosphere.

All Nippon Airways Co. (ANA), Japan’s largest airline, will start flying a plane modelled after the franchise. The outside of the plane looks less like the Millennium Falcon though and more like R2-D2.

The initial announcement about the plane was made back in April around the same time the second “The Force Awakens” teaser was released. The plane designed like R2-D2 will make a trip from Tokyo to Vancouver in October.

Since then, the airline has made a few more “Star Wars” related additions to its fleet.

According to Bloomberg, another plane, designed like brand new character BB-8, will make a North American trip in March. A third one, simply with the classic “Star Wars” logo, will take flight in November.

Check them out below:

BB-8 Star Wars PlaneANABB-8 takes flight.

While ANA has provided an extensive look at the outside of the planes, we still haven’t seen what the inside of each of them will look like. However, according to CNN, the planes will offer all six “Star Wars” movies as in-flight entertainment on international routes. ANA plans to go all out, as they also plan to feature Star Wars’ characters on headrest covers, paper napkins and cups in the three planes.

Looks like now is a better time than ever to plan that trip to Japan.

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