There Is A Glaringly Odd Moment In The New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer

While watching the new “Star Trek Into Darkness” trailer, we couldn’t help but notice there was one moment that looked glaringly out of place. 

The trailer is one of the longest and best yet, centering heavily around the villain, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and revealing more about the plot.

Like trailers before the latest one, the video begins with Cumberbatch telling an unseen audience that the world isn’t safe and to “enjoy these final moments of peace.”

There are explosions …

star trek into darkness trailer

… and people panicking and running away. 

star trek into darkness people panick
star trek into darkness people running

The ensuing minute and a half show more of Cumberbatch unleashing his character’s vengeance on the Starfleet.

benedict cumberbatch star trek


star trek benedict cumberbatch

… and then Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) chasing after him …

captain kirk star trek into darkness

We see a showdown between Kirk and Cumberbatch’s character … 

chris pine benedict cumberbatch star trek into darkness

 … which doesn’t appear to go over so well for Kirk. 

captain kirk knocked out star trek into darkness

 We even see Spock and Cumberbatch fight … 

spock fights cumberbatch star trek into darkness

And, then, out of nowhere, there’s this:

alice eve star trek into darkness

There’s no witty one-liner or any mention of dialogue whatsover from either character. There’s just one second of Captain Kirk and Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) without her uniform.  

alice eve dr. carol marcus

For those who follow the “Star Trek” universe you know Marcus is a love interest for Kirk; however, it seems odd placement in this trailer which obviously revolves so much around the villain and is plot intensive to hint any sort of love scene.

The random glimpse of Eve detracts from the fluidity of the action of the entire trailer, but we imagine that was the point. 

No sooner then that clip passes is the trailer back to explosions …

star trek into darkness explosion

Kirk shooting a gun … 

star trek into darkness kirk with gun

… and, Cumberbatch bragging about how much better he is than everyone else at everything. 

star trek into darkness benedict cumberbatch

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