'Star Trek: Discovery' intentionally made its Klingon rallying cry similar to Trump's 'Make America Great Again'

Star trekCBS‘Star Trek: Discovery.’

As “Star Trek: Discovery” awaits the sci-fi franchise’s first TV premiere in over a decade, the show’s cast and crew discussed the politically inspired elements behind the show’s creation in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

Aaron Haberts, a co-executive producer on the show, told the outlet that Donald Trump’s candidacy was “front and center in our minds” when they started putting the series together in 2015.

Star trek discoveryCBSA Klingon on ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’

Haberts said one of the antagonist groups on “Star Trek: Discovery” is an extremist Klingon sect, whose rallying cry, “Remain Klingon,” the show made intentionally similar to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“It’s a call to isolationism,” Haberts said of the slogan. “It’s about racial purity, and it’s about wanting to take care of yourself. And if anybody is reaching a hand out to help you, it’s about smacking it away.

“That was pretty provocative for us,” he continued. “And it wasn’t necessarily something that we wanted to completely lean into. But it was happening. We were hearing the stories.”

The show began production in 2015 and faced delays after an initial January 2016 premiere date was pushed back. 

“Star Trek: Discovery” premieres on CBS on September 24. Subsequent episodes of the show will air on the network’s streaming app, CBS All Access. 

Watch the trailer for the new season below:

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