Stanford University Just Changed Its Classic Logo To This

Stanford University — home to more than 15,000 students; almost 2,000 faculty members; 19 Nobel laureates; 24 MacArthur Fellows; countless tech giants; and an increasingly impressive football team — just quietly changed its famous logo.

  • Here’s the reason Stanford gave for changing its logo>

Gone is the caps-locked thin font, and in is a more rounded scrawl.

Before:                                                                        After:

stanford logo change

So while sweatshirts used to look like this:

stanford sweathshirt

They now might look like this:

stanford sweatshirt

But don’t worry, alumni, the famous Stanford “S” with the tree emblem isn’t going anywhere.

This isn’t the first time Stanford changed its logo. Design blog Rioleo tracked the signature’s many changes over the last 20 years.

stanford logo changes

Photo: Rioleo

Disclosure: The author went to Stanford. (Go Card.)

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