Here's The Letter Stanford Sends Recruits Showing Them How Much More Money They Will Make If They Go There

The Stanford University football program is sending letters to college football recruits, trying to persuade them to play for the Cardinal because their earning potential after school is greater than any of the other top-25 football schools.

ESPN’s Tom VanHaaren got his hands on a copy and posted a picture of it on Twitter:

The letter reads:

While the complete college experience sets Stanford apart, there is no question that a Stanford degree will later provide you earning power which can forever change your life. The average Stanford graduate pulls down more than $US42,000 per year above the grads of the rest of the Top 25 college football programs in the country. Compounded over a career, this represents an advantage of millions of dollars. That’s just the salary advantage for the average Stanford grad, and there has been nothing average to this point in your life. Stanford Varsity Athlete alumni are the most sought-after employees across all sectors of the economy in every corner of the country.

Stanford isn’t merely discussing football in the letter, but life after football for the players that don’t go to the NFL. It’s also an interesting recruiting tactic for players that might choose a bigger football program than Stanford.

Stanford is currently ranked #23 in college football by AP and #20 by USA Today.

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