The 12 Easiest Classes At Stanford University

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The Stanford Daily reported today that the elite university provided athletes with a secretive class list that recommended “easy” courses they could add to their schedules.

School officials say the classes were chosen because they fit within the athletes’ demanding practice schedules and that many of the classes would be considered “academically rigorous” by most students.

But at least one athlete who used the list confirmed that the classes were “always chock-full of athletes and very easy A’s,” according to the report. Nearly 1/4 of them did not even fulfil general education requirements.

Also, more than 200 other classes that were offered during the same daily time frame were not included on the list. The school discontinued the list after reporters began asking about it.

We checked out the “Courses of Interest” list published by the paper and while a few did seem interesting, there were many that seemed custom made to fill an empty chunk of time in one’s day.

Here are our favourites, along with their CourseRank information, which seems to indicate an easy A for most who take them.

  • DRAMA 103: Beginning Improvising (3 credits)
  • DANCE 156: Social Dances of North America III (1 credit)
  • PSYCH 125: Beyond Stereotype Threat (3 credits)
  • PSYCH 135: Sleep & Dreams (3 credits)
  • DRAMA 20: Acting For Non-Majors (1-3 credits)
  • SOC 120: Interpersonal Relations (5 credits)
  • ENGINEER 103: Public Speaking (3 credits)
  • CEE 64: Air Pollution (3 credits)
  • MS&E 47 : Financial Literacy (1 credit)
  • CS 547: Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (1 credit)
  • ATHLETIC 187: Analysis of Human Movement (2-4 credits)
  • POLI SCI 2: Intro to American National Government (5 credits)

You can see the full list and the full story at the Stanford Daily >

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