Stanford University has expelled a student linked to the fake charity at the center of the college admissions scandal

Stanford University has expelled a student who falsified sailing credentials on her application and was linked to the college admissions scandal, school officials announced.

The student, who was not named publicly, was accepted through a standard process and not recruited as an athlete, despite falsifying sailing credentials, the student-run Stanford Daily reported.

She was later was linked to a $US500,000 donation to the sailing program from Key Worldwide Foundation – the charity at the center of the college admissions scam – Stanford officials said in a statement about the expulsion.

According to the university, the student was expelled for falsifying information on her application.

“We determined that some of the material in the student’s application is false, and, in accordance with our policies, have rescinded admission,” Stanford said on its website. “Any credits earned have also been vacated. The student is no longer on Stanford’s campus.”

“The contribution was made several months after the student was admitted to Stanford. The student had no recommendation from the former sailing coach, or any other coach, and has not at any time had an affiliation with the Stanford sailing program or any other Stanford athletic team,” Stanford officials said.

Stanford said the Key Worldwide Foundation contributed $US770,000 to the school’s sailing program in the form of three donations: Two students who did not enroll were linked to gifts of $US110,000 and $US160,000, and the expelled student was linked to a $US500,000 contribution.

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The school’s former sailing coach, John Vandemoer, was fired and pleaded guilty to racketeering charges as part of the scandal.

A criminal complaint alleges that he accepted bribes of $US270,000 from the families of the two prospective students who did not enroll. He has not faced charges for the $US500,000 donation. The now-expelled student did not have an official recommendation from Vandemoer.

The student is the first to be expelled as part of the scandal.Yale University rescinded the admission of a student whose family paid $US1.2 million to get her admitted as a soccer player, despite not playing the sport.

On Monday, Felicity Huffman, 12 other parents, and a coach pleaded guilty as part of the scandal.