Stanford And UC Students Finally Agree: They Both Hate Their New Logos*

stanford berkeley mascots
Stanford and UC Berkeley’s mascots.

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All is quiet on the Californian front.The students at Stanford University and University of California schools, of which Stanford’s rival Berkeley is part,  are momentarily holding back their jabs at one another and instead focusing on similar issues on their respective campuses.

They all hate their new logos.

At least according to a slew of student initiated petitions and social media postings.

Stanford University changed its classic logo in early November. Officials told Business Insider that the commissioned lowercase font simply worked better in the digital age and was inspired by the Stanford arches:

stanford logo change

A Stanford alumna, myself, I immediately noticed incensed Facebook post after Facebook post condemning the new font engulfing my newsfeed. A petition, beginning “We the students,” was created. The Stanford Daily chronicled the outrage.

While some University of California, Berkeley students at first relished some of the Cardinal’s discontent — our comment section was riddled with “Go Bears!” proclamations — their quips were perhaps quieted when the University of California system, of which Berkeley is a par, had its own university system’s logo changed mere days later.

However, Berkeley officials reached out to Business Insider to say that Berkeley will not be using the logo on the campus.

(The shape of the new design appears to have been inspired by a tulip.)

University of California

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While Vanessa Correa, creative director for the UCs, told the California Aggie that the new design aimed “to reinstate the system-wide seal’s authority and gravitas after years of casual, indiscriminate use,” and foster “a coherent identity that would help us tell the UC story in an authentic, distinctive, memorable and thoughtful way,” students disagreed.

Not only was the logo widely mocked on all forms of social media, even making it to Reddit’s front page students have mobilized massive petitions.

The “Stop the UC Logo Change” Facebook page already has 4,700 likes and a petition gained over 40,000 supporters in just one weekend.

*UPDATE: An earlier version of the story said that this would be University of California, Berkeley’s new logo. While it will be officialy used by the UC system, Berekely has not adopted the logo to be used on its campus.

Disclosure: The author attended Stanford University.