Standing desks are now being trialled at school

Teaching kids to stand and move. Image: Jaswig.

Standing desks have been all the rage in the office for a while now, especially after several scientists have compared sitting to being almost as bad for your health as smoking.

But now they’re leaping out of the corporate world and into education with one school in Western Australia launching a trial of standing desks in the classroom.

The ABC reports year two students at Roebourne District High School (RDHS) in Western Australia’s Pilbara will trial the standing desks which were donated by the UpStanding kids foundation.

Students will be monitored over coming months to see how standing changes classroom behaviour but school principal David Paine says he thinks it could improve the way children think.

“What I have noticed over the years is a lot of our students think as they move, [and] having standing desks will allow our students to move around,” Paine said.

“What really interests me is to see what standing desks will do for increased focus in the classroom.

“Often at times they get frustrated by sitting down for so long, and they want to move up and around – well now they can, but still with that focus of learning at a desk.”

The foundation which was started by Osteopath Peter Parker aims to get kids moving and is also looking at rolling out the standing desk program at a number of other schools including one in Victoria.

There’s more here.

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